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Every piece of art created has an inspiring story behind. Bizzari does not just giveyou peices of jewelry, it takes you on a ride to deep cultural values and gives you an unforgettable story to tell everytime you wear its masterpieces. All of the artwork created is a timeless collectable item that will last forever keeping a story alive to move from generation to another.
Inspirations from all around the world, a touch of nature. Cultural stories from history flavouring your life, morals and beliefs that are the target and desire of the elite. A fantasy that never ends. Amazing endless positive energy surrounding you and your beloved ones. All of this is wrapped into your gift box with any Bizzari piece you purchase.
Bizzari Arsi is a brilliant fusion of the fantasy of the Indian Tradition of the Arsi ring, and the Bedouin Authentic touch. Originating with the Mughal reign, the arsi ring was a flat, jewelled mirror fitted on a thick silver ring.Worn by brides so they could sneak a look at their bridegrooms' faces.
In philosophy, ideas are usually pictured as mental representational images of some object. Ideas can also be abstract concepts that do not present as mental images. Many philosophers have considered ideas to be a fundamental ontological category of being. In a popular sense, an idea arises in a reflexive, spontaneous manner, even without thinking. This set has represented ideas just as they come up. Intersecting!!
One of the most famous duets in The Holy Quraan. They were mentioned together and that was very inspiring. El-teen which is the Fig was an artistic element to design, and El-zaytoon, the Olives was an inspiration from my Palestinian Background. The Leaves and the Oil droplet, and the fig's heart a fantastic piece to purchase...
Emotions, inspired from nature, and again an emotional piece representing different emotions between all the people surrounding you. Any emotion is like a tree, water and nurture it, it will grow and stay healthy, ignore it and it will eventualy ripe..

The Bizzari dream is a mixture between the ambition of reaching the globe with effective and positive art and with becomig a role model to many more unquie designers to come. I always say don't go with the wave, find your own wave, and start your success story.

I dream of spreading art that has a purposeful meaning in our society. I dream of adding a fingerprint in the artistic world that is unique and that would become an inspiration to new artists to come.

The courage to start a new trend in the world of jewelry designing by mixing cultures from all around the world and topping it with our arabian reflection to come up with a unique and outstanding piece of art to wear was a challenge. However i am proud of the outcome and i am fully charged with passion and creativity to lead the world to a new era of jewelry desiging.

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