About The Designer

Mona Bizzari, Founder of Bizzari, the Conceptual Jewelry Brand, a unique designer applying my Arab heritage to modern art-to-wear contemporary pieces of jewelry. My passion to gemstones and art in many cultures in history have been the behind the scenes inspirations for many of my collections. The Aztec and Incas cultures, the artistic Indian traditional life, the greatness of the Chinese dynasties, and historical empires like the Byzantine empire were blended with silver and gemstones to make these appealing jewelry pieces. 
I started my career as a jewelry designer shifting form a web designer and developer in 2004, I started by mixing gemstones together to come up with simple colorful designs, then got deeper into the world of nature and ethnicity and cultures. I began to come up with an idea or concept, and break that concept into its elements, take every element and add it in a form of metal or mineral. Conceptual jewelry is not just ordinary jewelry, it is a piece with a 4th dimension in time and this is what makes my pieces very special and one of a kind. My Arabian heritage,My love to art and cultures, and my dream for a better world will be my inspiration at all times. 
I enjoy my time at the workshop and consider myself working in the most beautiful historical and cultural area in Egypt. Khan EL khalili is where my production is made. I manufacture and polishe my silver items in one of the oldest workshops there. That is also a source of gemstones and it is always a source of inspiration.
"History is a treasure, open the box and think out of it" Bizzari says. "Don't just buy a piece of jewelry, obtain a piece that tells you a story every time you put it on". I dream my brand would be one of the most important brands globally starting from the arabian region to international fashion spots. I believe that my dream will come true one day


Beautiful designs, high quality and amazing service... I have to say the whole process went very smooth and whenever I needed to ask about something the reply was quite fast and with all the needed details... the designer is more than amazing and helpful... will not be my last time to buy something from Bizzari...  Officially a Bizzarian...
Yara Ghareb

Beyond quality jewelry, Bizzari offers must have pieces with stories and meaning behind each piece of artwork!!! Service is amazing and the artist cooperates to make your ideas come to life!!!
Rasha Ghappour


Mona Bizzari
Owner & Designer
Electroplating Specialist