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We Offer a very special crystal healing session

Our Crystal healing session includes a complete one-to-one Chakra cleansing and energizing session, a tea drinking mindfulness exercise, and a grounding exercise.  

  A few words about us

   About the designer Mona Bizzari, Founder of Bizzari       "Conceptual Jewelry Brand." 
As a little girl, I've always been inspired by gemstones. Their unique shapes and tiny little angles always captured me, fueled my imagination and opened my eyes to prisms of colors. I grew up appreciating nature, collecting those dream-like pebbles and learning more and more about them and their origins and they were very generous in teaching me about different cultures and ethnicities. 
Although I started my career as a web designer and developer, it always felt to me as if I was preparing myself for something else. Something much closer to my heart, mind and soul and one day I just grabbed my mountainous collection of gemstones and decided I was ready to start creating actual prisms of colors. 
At first I was an amateur with just simple colorful designs that my friends and family complemented. Then I began to visualize all the concepts I grasped from nature, cultures and ethnicities and broke it down to its simple elements that took a form of metal or mineral. The Arabian, Aztec, Incas and Indian, cultures, the greatness of the Chinese dynasties, and historical empires like the Byzantine created I what I like to call as my modern art-to-wear contemporary pieces of jewelry that come with a forth dimension in time.
 I always like to say "History is a treasure, open the box and think out of it" and it's my mission to tell you a story or take you on a cruise in time every time you put on my creations.
Another turning point happened in 2016, I felt the powerful  energy of healing crystals. Began to read more about the healing properties and effects of different magical colorful pebbles coming from heaven. I decided to be a crystal healer. Finishing my certificate, I started doing session to friends and family and noticed they loved it. Now, I consider myself blessed with the ability to resonate the energy of crystals and of clients 
 My love to art, appreciation to all humanity and my dream for a better world will be my inspirer at all times. Mona Bizzari.

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